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Week of May 18 - 24, 2019

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Brain Teasers:

Which Spanish/Italian Western climaxes on April 17, 1867?

Which 2011 American movie has a 13 year old girl character with an hand drawn picture of Clint Eastwood in THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY on the wall of her bedroom?
No one has answered this question yet.

Which Italian sword and sandal movie begins with the hero in an horde attacking and pillaging an helpless village?
No one has answered this question yet.

From which Italian Western came the line: "What's keeping your back against the wall, Gonzales?"
No one has answered this question yet.

Which French born actress, who appeared in a Zorro-like film with Sean Flynn, also appeared in an Italian movie with Ugo Tognazzi and Rosalba Neri?
No one has answered this question yet.

Which Italian born actor, who is mostly remembered for his work on American television shows, also did Italian swashbucklers in the 1950s?
No one has answered this question yet.

Which American born body builder who played Hercules in an Italian film also appeared in an Columbia Pictures production that reused footage from ONE MILLION B.C.?
Charles Gilbert knew that it was Mike Lane of ULISSE CONTRO ERCOLE, aka ULYSSES AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES, who was also in VALLEY OF THE DRAGONS.

And now for some new brain teasers:

Which Western character has been played by Terence Hill, Til Schweiger and Jean Dujardin?
From where was the character of Ursus originate?
In which Western did Joseph Cotton gundown Victor Israel?

Name the movies from which these images come.

No one identified the above photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

Charles Gilbert identified last week's photo of Dan Vadis in ERCOLE L'INVINCIBILE, aka HERCULES THE INVINCIBLE, aka THE SON OF HERCULES IN THE LAND OF DARKNESS.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

No one identified the above photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

No one identified the above photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?


I am interested in knowing what movies you have watched and what you enjoyed or not. So please send me an email at if you'd like to share. Here's what I watched last week:

Highly enjoyed:

Battle of Okinawa in Color (2017) - I am embarrassed at having lived on the island for sixteen years, and knowing all of the names linked to combat areas, that I can't put those names on the places where I grew up. This program is harrowing just as any documentary should be about war.

Mildly enjoyed:

Lucky Luke "Ghost Train" (1992) - Ted Nicolaou, who previously made a few movies with Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment, directed this episode written by Doug Molitor, a veteran of many TV series from Sledge Hammer! to Beetlejuice. It played like an episode of The Twilight Zone; with miner Jack Elam telling everyone that he saw the ghost of a train which crashed when a flash flood took out a trestle bridge 20 years ago. David Huddleston played the banker hoping to gain control of Elam's land by having him declared legally insane. Abe Vigoda played the circuit judge who arrived to hear the case, but was congested due to an allergy to sagebrush. Naturally Nancy Morgan as Lotta Legs was intrigued by the story, especially when Elam mysteriously disappeared. Terence Hill as Sheriff Lucky Luke tried to keep the peace when The Frontier Enquirer writer Alison Shanks seemed to suggest that the banker was to blame for the disappearance. This episode featured some impressive miniature work showing the flood and train wreck, but didn't credit who did the work. Also not credited was who took over as the interior voice of Jolly Jumper.

Lucky Luke "Chi è Mr. Josephs?", aka "Who Is Mr. Joseph?" (1992) - Richard Schlesinger returned to direct this episode written by Jeff Vlaming, who seemed to have started his career with this credit before getting work on Northern Exposure, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and dozens of other shows. Mr. Josephs turns out to be Joe Dalton, who stirs up the farmers and the cattle men over who is going to get some prime land. Promising both sides a "secret weapon", the Daltons make a deal with Slim - played by Jerry Gardner of YOUNG GUNS II -  at Fort Mustang to steal some kegs of explosives. Worried about her farmer father, Laura (This is the only IMDb credit for Rebecca Barliant which is just as well. Though she is very attractive her lines readings are flat.) informs Luke and asks to become his deputy. Rockne Tarkington, the star of BLACK SAMSON back in 1974, plays one of the cowboys who throws a rock at a noisy coyote only to have the animal lob it back knocking out an annoying horminca player.

Lucky Luke "Caffe Ole" (1992) - Ted Nicolaou is back in the director's chair working from a script by Robin J. Stein - according to the episode's credits, but John Gaspard and Michael P. Levin according to the IMDb. (According to the IMDb, Stein was a writer on the series Amen starring Sherman Hemsley in 1991.) Daisy Town has run out of coffee and everybody is irritable when the stage arrives carrying Mr. Edgar Rockbottom - played by Rene Auberjonois - and Susan B. Anthony - played by Cass Morgan. When Lotta and Susan B. Anthony criticize Luke for how he handles a saloon brawl, Luke decides to step aside and let Lotta be sheriff. Luke takes over running the saloon - and turns out to be a neat-freak. The wagon with the coffee supply arrives, but the driver reports that Mendez - the wildest outlaw west of the Pecos - has stolen all of the coffee. With alot of grumbling from the men, Lotta heads a posse to find Mendez, only to be taunted by the villain that he can't be arrested without evidence. Eventually, it is discovered the Rockbottom is Mendez who plans to take over the West by hording everybody's coffee. This is easily the most enjoyable episode of the series, with a number of laugh out-loud moments.

Lucky Luke "Pesce D'Aprile", aka "Nobody's Fool" (1992) - Okay, this episode credits John Gaspard and Michael P. Levin as writers with Terence Hill as director. It is April 1 and all of Daisy Town is furious at Lotta for her annual April Fools Day gags - including gluing Luke's gun in his holster. Things get complicated when it is announced that the son of the Russian Czar is doing a tour of the West and Luke is requested to be his bodyguard. Some of the camera setups are more complicated than on episodes not credited to Terence Hill as director, but this episode pretty much fits in with the series as a whole.

Lucky Luke "Magia Indiana", aka "Grand Delusion" (1992) - At 73 minutes, this episode could count as LUCKY LUKE II, but who named it YOU CALL ME TRINITY, THEY CALL ME LUKE? Another Twilight Zone-like episode, this show starts with Luke riding into a deserted Daisy Town littered with signs like "We've gone". But soon everyone can be seen doing a funeral march to the graveyard where a headstone reads "Notso" Lucky Luke. Eventually, it becomes clear that Luke suffered a snake bite and lies in the desert dying and hallucinating. He sends his horse Jolly Jumper to get help while seeing an Indian Princess named White Fawn - played by Jill Momaday, daughter of Pulitzer Prize winning author N. Scott Momaday - urging him to live. An episode in which Luke struggles to live and discovers himself from his hallucinations would have been an interesting episode, but what writers John Gaspard and Michael P. Levin, with director Terence Hill, did was to bring in The Daltons. You see, Luke was chasing the Daltons when he got bit. The outlaws become worried because the lawman usually catches them by now, so they double back and find Luke laying under the hot sun. Deciding that Daisy Town is "easy pickins" with Luke dying, they go to town. They stop Lotta from organizing a rescue party and then proceed to rob every store. They rename the town "Dalton Town" - except they spell it "Doltin Town", and then decide to continue their crime wave by robbing every citizen in town alphabetically. Rather than being amusing, this digression turns up the frustration level as the viewer wants the storytellers to get on with the rescue of Luke. Meanwhile, Luke hallucinates that a Man In Black - played by John Saxon - has come to town to take his place as sheriff and as Lotta's love interest. Eventually, the Daltons realize that being criminals has no meaning without Luke, so they end up kind-of joining with Lotta to rescue our hero. If you ever wanted to see John Saxon singing "The Lonesomest Cowboy In the West" then this episode is for you.

Lucky Luke "Le Fidanzate di Lucky Luke", aka "Luke's Fiancee" (1992) - This isn't the first Western about a wagon train of mail-order brides, but it is probably the only one allowing John Quade - best known for leading a motorcycle gang in the Clint Eastwood flicks EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE and ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN - to play romantic comedy. At 69 minutes, this episode could also be a feature film. Directed by Ted Nicolaou, it ranks with "Caffe Ole" and one of the best of the series - except that Nancy Morgan doesn't appear. On vacation from Daisy Town, Luke ambles into Purgatory and finds the population down to 13 - all men. The population figures that the town is dead unless they get some women, so they are going to order some brides and they prevail upon Luke to escort them. Luke prevails upon his friend, Frank - played by John Quade - to accompany him. Meanwhile the female outlaw called The Dead-Eye Kid - played by Karen Elliot who is so appealing here that it is regrettable that she hasn't had more of a career - escapes from a woman's correctional facility. Having become a pen pal of Averell Dalton, the Kid plans to join the Dalton Gang and joins the mail-order bride group to get West. Luke soon figures out that Miss Jenny is really The Dead-Eye Kid, but sets about to convince her that leaving the outlaw life behind is a good idea. Naturally the Dalton Gang shows up to complicate matters. Courtney Flavin is the credited writer of this episode which includes an humorous scene of Luke trying to figure out how to eat spaghetti.

THE DEVIL'S HAND (1961) - Right after this movie, Linda Christian appeared in one of my favorite movies LASCIAPASSARE PER IL MORTO, aka PASSPORT FOR A CORPSE. She didn't get to do much in PASSPORT, but she helps to keep this movie watchable.

COMANCHE BLANCO, aka WHITE COMANCHE (1968) - I've had a copy of this for decades, but I am glad that I waited until a good copy aired on TCM. From the premise - twin half-breed brothers struggling over their White/Comanche heritage - and William Shatner in a dual role, putting up with a bad copy would have been a miserable experience. The jazzy music, blamed on Jean Ledrut, that plays during the opening credits immediately begins to irritate, but the expert camerawork by Francisco Faile is a bit of a salve. Escaping from another group of White men who want to hang him for the crimes of his brother, Johnny Moon (Shatner) rides to the camp of the "White Comanche" inorder to have a showdown. Notah (Shatner) is away with a war party robbing a stagecoach, murdering all of the White men and raping saloon girl Kelly (Rossana Yani). When the brothers confront each other, Notah takes some peyote but the brothers would have shot-it-out if not for Notah's squaw, White Fawn (Perla Cristal) interfering. Johnny announces that he and Notah will have their final confrontation in four days at the town of Rio Hondo. After getting past the expected confusion over whether he is the White Comanche or not - Kelly recognizes that Notah has black irises while Johnny has "pale eyes", Johnny ends up helping the town sheriff (Joseph Cotton) deal with a violent land dispute between saloon owner Grimes (Luis Prendes) and land owner General Garcia (Vidal Molina). When the shooting starts, it becomes apparent that director Gilbert Lee Kay, aka José Briz Méndez, appreciates bloody head wounds. Eventually, Shatner duels with Shatner in the empty streets of Rio Hondo while all of the citizens are attending multiple funerals. Shatner is surprisingly effective with the Western action, and Joseph Cotton is solid as a good guy. The IMDb lists a whole bunch of Spanish actors as being in this movie, but I didn't see them. I did see Barta Barri, Cris Huerta and Victor Israel. The unanswered question is how did William Shatner, on hiatus from Star Trek, end up making a Spanish Western? Did he seek out such a project or did they seek him out? Did the fact that director Méndez also made a movie around this time with Ty Hardin have any impact on the production? From what little I've been able to find, this movie's portrayal of Comanche customs is bogus as they did not burn their dead.



Did not enjoy:

DEATH BY INVITATION (1971) - Written and directed by Ken Friedman - who would go on to write MR. BILLION and CADILLAC MAN, started his career with this tiny budget "witch gets revenge on family that executed her 300 years ago" flick that only has the lovely Shelby Leverington as an asset.

THE STRANGLER (1964) - This movie looked a lot more interesting when I was 8 years old and wasn't allowed to see it.


David Deal enjoyed:









OPERATION WHITE SHARK (65) - see The Eurospy Guide for more information.




Mildly Enjoyed:


THE ARGYLE SECRETS (48) - Investigative journalist William Gargan is after the Argyle Album, a list of traitors and profiteers during the war.  Needless to say, the traitors and gangsters would like the album too.  Super hard-boiled adventure from Cy Endfield (Zulu).  An unrecognizable John (Sgt. Schulz) Banner is one of the traitors.

BABES IN BAGDAD (52) - Reluctant harem girl Paulette Goddard believes a woman shouldn't have to share her husband, and Richard Ney is the bold young man who just wants one wife. The two get together. Edgar Ulmer's lighthearted adventure is an odd, uneven concoction of women's equality ideas and conservative monogamy sermonizing. Gypsy Rose Lee is Paulette's partner in crime.

BACK FROM THE DEAD (57) - Arthur Franz' new bride, Peggy Castle, becomes possessed by the ghost of his late wife.  Turns out the dark arts are involved in a plot to transfer the evil soul permanently. Low budget shocker remains an interesting misfire.

COFFIN FOR THE SHERIFF (65) - US Marshal Anthony Steffen goes revengin' for the murder of his wife by infiltrating the gang that did it, which includes Eduardo Fajardo and Arturo Dominici.  Despite the familiar faces, this spaghetti from Mario Caiano does not rise above the ordinary.

OUT OF THE SHADOW (61) - Reporter Terence Longdon investigates his brother's supposed suicide at college. Michael Winner's mystery is an adequate time-killer but won't leave a lasting impression.


Charles Gilbert watched:

THE PRESIDENT'S MAN (2000) Another quasi superhero actioner from Chuck and Aaron Norris. Super secret agent for POTUS Joshua McCord (Chuck) near retirement seeks out a replacement with the help of his Amer-Asian daughter Jennifer Tung.

LEGALLY BLONDE 2 (2003) The irrepressible Ivy League grad takes her law degree and pink couture to D. C. to champion animal rights. Sally Field plays a conniving congresswoman.

Tombstone Territory tv series: 'Revenge Town'. Sheriff Pat Conway faces charges himself in the town of Galeno after he shoots their favorite benevolent citizen James Seay.
With Robert J. Wilke and Morris Ankrum.


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SPAGHETTI CINEMA back issue listing

A photocopy fanzine investigating Italian and Spanish popular cinema, S.C. began in 1984 and continues to come out as often as possible.

Order from: 
William Connolly
1763 Pinnacle Way
Upland, CA 91784-9251

All back issues are kept available. It is $10 per issue - postage included.

 #1 (May 1984) Personal History of Italian Westerns/GOLIATH AND THE VAMPIRES/YOJIMBO Vs. A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS

 #2 (Sept 1984) Richard Harrison/Chang Cheh/CLEOPATRA'S DAUGHTER/THE FOUR ASSASSINS/YOR

 #3 (Dec 1984) HERCULES: Reeves vs. Ferrigno/Franco Solinas/TEPEPA/A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL

 #4 (Jan 1985) Reeves vs. Ferrigno II/Anthony M. Dawson/Lo Lieh/HORROR CASTLE/KILLER FISH

 #5 (Feb 1985, 90pages) Michele Lupo/Sid Pink/Ennio Morricone/Richard Harrison/Chang Cheh

 #6 (May 1985) Ferdinando Baldi/Marcello Baldi/Ennio Morricone/KING DAVID/SAUL AND DAVID

 #7 (July 1985) Ennio Morricone interview/Steve Reeves/Aldo Sambrell/A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS

 #8 (Oct 1985) Steve Reeves 2/Laura Gemser/Ennio Morricone party/TRAP THEM AND KILL THEM


#10 (March 1986) Jose Antonio de la Loma/Lang Jeffries/Lamberto Bava/THE BARCELONA KILL

#11 (April 1986) Personal History of Italian Epics/Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

#12 (May 1986) Italian Western Comic Satire/Antonio Molino Rojo/TAUR/MANOS TORPES

#13 (June 1986) Gordon Scott/More Steve Reeves/Don Taylor/Tetsuro Tamba/5 MAN ARMY

#14 (Aug 1986) Gordon Scott 2/Frank Wolff/Video Reviews/A FEW DOLLARS FOR DJANGO

#15 (Nov 1986) Gordon Scott 3/Frank Wolff 2/ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST/THE TRAMPLERS

#16 (Jan 1987) Gordon Scott 4/Frank Wolff 3/WHEN WOMEN HAD TAILS/COBARI/LION OF ST. MARK


#18 (March 1987) Gordon Scott 5/Riccardo Freda interview/SARTANA checklist/I VAMPIRI

#19 (May 1987) Gordon Scott 6/Riccardo Freda 2/Nico Fidenco/WITCHES' CURSE/THEODORA

#20 (July 1987) Monsters of Hercules/Gordon Scott 7/Riccardo Freda 3/DANGER! DEATH RAY

#21 (July 1987) Gordon Scott 8/Dean Reed/Sean Flynn/SON OF CAPTAIN BLOOD/Video Reviews

#22 (Aug 1987) Italian Soundtrack Albums/TRINITY Checklist/More Video Reviews

#23 (Oct 1987) Joe D'Amato/More Italian Soundtracks/More Video Reviews/5 GIANTS FROM TEXAS

#24 (Nov 1987) Joe D'Amato 2/Richard Harrison interview/THE INVINCIBLE GLADIATOR

#25 (Jan 1988) Joe D'Amato 3/Richard Harrison 2/More Soundtracks/STAGEFRIGHT/

#26 (March 1988) Richard Harrison 3/Joe D'Amato 4/Carlo Rambaldi and Son/

#27 (April 1988) Richard Harrison 4/KOMMISAR X/SEVEN DOORS TO DEATH/Brad Harris

#28 (May 1988) Joe D'Amato 5/Joe Robinson interview/ATOM AGE VAMPIRE

#29 (June 1988) Joe D'Amato 6/ Richard Harrison 5/EROTIC NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD

#30 (July 1988) Richard Harrison 6/Joselito/NIGHT OF THE SHARKS/HIS NAME WAS KING

#31 (Aug 1988) Mark Forest Interview/Joselito 2/Joe D'Amato 7/WARRIOR QUEEN/SON OF SAMSON

#32 (Nov 1988) Mark Forest 2/Richard Harrison 7/Christopher Mitchum/THE MAGNIFICENT GLADIATOR

#33 (Dec 1988) Mark Forest 3/Enzo G. Castellari interview/GO KILL AND COME BACK/LION OF THEBES

#34 (March 1989) Richard Harrison 8/John Dulaney interview/Mark Forest 4/Making ROBOWAR

#35 (June 1989) Sergio Leone obits/Reg Park interview/Robert Woods interview/

#36 (Aug 1989) Richard Harrison 9/"Castle of Frankenstein" reprints/NINJA TERMINATOR

#37 (Nov 1989) Reg Park 2/Jacinto Molina-Paul Naschy interview/John Steiner/Robert Woods 2

#38 (Jan 1990) Richard Harrison 10/Lee Van Cleef filmography/Diana Conca interview

#39 (March 1990) Gordon Mitchell interview/Salvador Sainz/Fred Olen Ray on Lee Van Cleef

#40 (July 1990) Gordon Mitchell 2/Sergio Corbucci/Tony Anthony and Friends

#41 (Aug 1990) 1968, Cinema's Greatest Year?/BEYOND THE LAW/COMMANDOS/BANDIDOS

#42 (Nov 1990) Brad Harris interview/Victor Israel interview/THE REBEL GLADIATORS

#43 (Jan 1991) Reg Lewis interview/Antoni Ribas/Robert Woods 3/Sergio Corbucci 2

#44 (April 1991) Serge Gainsbourg/Donald Pleasence/"CoF" reprints/THE FURY OF HERCULES

#45 (July 1991) Richard Harrison 11/Reg Park 3/Carlo Vanzina/VOODOO BABY/MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE

#46 (Sept 1991) Belinda Lee/Walter Barnes/Bigas Luna/CONSTANTINE AND THE CROSS/

#47 (Dec 1991) Gordon Mitchell 3/Tony Anthony and Friends 2/Cowboy Gangsters/

#48 (Jan 1992) Ed Fury interview/Janet Agren filmography/ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA

#49 (June 1992) A Random Review Issue with Ed Fury filmography/INQUISICION/MIGHTY URSUS

#50 (Sept 1992) A Special Anniversary Issue On the People In S.C. History

#51 (Oct 1992) Donald Pleasence 2/Paul Muller filmography/Figures in Greek Cinema

#52 (March 1993) Sergio Corbucci 3/DUEL OF THE TITANS/Goodbye to Dana Andrews and Chuck Connors

#53 (June 1993) Robert Woods 4/Italian Epics Released In the USA/UNFORGIVEN/$5,000 ON THE ACE


#55 (Jan 1994) Pietro Francisci/TV Prologue For A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS/ATTILA/WARRIOR EMPRESS


#57 (Aug 1994) A Visit To the Western Locations In Almeria, Spain

#58 (Oct 1994) Duccio Tessari Interview and Filmography/Italian Sword And Sandal trivia

#59 (Dec 1994) Dancing Girls In Epic Films/Gordon Mitchell 4/ACHILLES/THE CENTURION

#60 (Feb 1995) Dancing Girls In Epic Films 2/Sylva Koscina/UNCLE WAS A VAMPIRE/

#61 (June 1995) Dancing Girls In Epic Films 3/Woody Strode/Another Visit To Almeria

#62 (Aug 1995) Dancing Girls In Epic Films 4/Tony Anthony and Friends 3/BLINDMAN/GET MEAN


#64 (March 1996) Dancing Girls In Epic Films 5/Guy Madison/Martin Balsam/"Castle of Frankenstein"

#65 (Aug 1996) Dancing Girls 6/Sergio Corbucci 4/Lucio Fulci & Luigi Pistilli Obits & Filmographies

#66 (Jan 1997) Dancing Girls 7/Obituary and Filmography for Bruno Corbucci/COP IN BLUE JEANS

#67 (July 1997) Dancing Girls 8/Giulio Questi Interview and Filmography/DJANGO KILL!/Franco Arcalli

#68 (Oct 1997) The Siegfried Movies/Mike Monty Profile/The Films of David Warbeck/Mirella Panfili

#69 (July 1998) Walter Barnes 3 and obituary/THE RAPE OF THE SABINES/GARTER COLT/MOMENT TO KILL

#70 (Jan 1999) More On Almeria, Spain/SIGFRIDO/Don Taylor & Vittorio Cottafavi Obits & Filmographies

#71 (Oct 1999) Rossano Brazzi and Horst Frank Obituaries and Filmographies/Lee Van Cleef on the set

#72 (July 2000) Sword and Sandal Directors Talk #1/Richard Wyler Interview and Filmography/Steve Reeves Obit

#73 (July 2001) Sword and Sandal Themes/Monte Hellman Interview/Tiberio Mitri Obit/Manuel Cano #1

#74 (Feb 2003) Sword and Sandal Directors Talk #2/Manuel Cano #2/Italian Westerns On DVD #1

#75 (June 2004) Arianne Ulmer Cipes on Edgar G. Ulmer/Samson Burke Talks/Thomas Hunter Talks

#76 (Feb 2006) The Beasts of Hercules/Manuel Cano #3/Italian Western Directors Talk #1

#77 (Jan 2008) The Monsters of Hercules/Italian Western Directors Talk #2/Mickey Hargitay filmography