Friday, September 9, 2011

5. The Episode Films part five

by Ernesto G. Laura - Compiled by A.N.I.C.A. (National Association of Motion Pictures and Affiliated Industries) Rome, Italy - Edited by CIES Soc. Coop. r.1 (Institute for the Promotion of Italian Motion Pictures Abroad) Rome, Italy under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment
In 1953, along the lines of the episode film of literary origins inaugurated by ALTRI TEMPI (OLDEN TIMES), Gianni Franciolini came out with VILLA BORGHESE. The unity of the film was created by the setting, the magnificent park in the heart of Rome. The six episodes, based on stories by Sergio Amidei, Giorgio Bassani, Ennio Flaiano and Ercole Patti, were arranged chronologically and strung together in such a way as to give the picture of a typical day in the park, from dawn to dusk. The stories were given an almost documentary cast in a realistic representation of a certain environment. The mood ranged from the delicate pathos of Il Paraninfo (The Pander), from a story by Bassini, about the marriage negotiations between two provincial parents and the arrogant uncle of a possible bridegroom over a girl who is pretty but lame and tremendously neurotic, to the rich irony of Flaiano in Serve e Soldati (Maids and Soldiers).

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