Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rodd on some of his female co-stars.

Spela Rozin as she appears in TESTA O CROCE, aka HEADS OR TAILS.

From: Rodd Dana
The Actor with the 3-D Name
Interview by Michael Barnum
Video WatcHDog No. 143 Sep 2008

HANDLE WITH CARE [1967] was another spy film.
That was a ball to make. The gal who played the femme fatale, Spela Rozin, was a gal-pal at the time, and we had a lot of fun filming in Spain and Tunisia. She was from Yugoslavia and we did some traveling in her country. Luisa Rivelli was a good friend and run to work with, also. It was just a down-and-out great group of people to work and play with. In the Italian cut, there is a long sequence in which I run all over Sidi Busaid, Tunisia, in bathing trunks. Don't know why they cut this out of the English-dubbed version, but a friend in Rome says that many of these films were bought for later circulation in Muslim countries, and they might not have approved of a half-naked American male running from the bad guys through Tuniaian markets. So some of the scene got trimmed for international release.
Being around so many lovely actresses during this period, did you date any of them?
I suppose, like all actors, when you are thrown into constant contact and relative short and fast intimate relationships, you have the occasional fling. For the most part, my romances were with people far removed from the cinema, with the exception of my co-star in SICARRIO 77, Alicia Brandette. We were very close for quite a while - for many years, in fact.

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