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Gisella Sofio as Gloria Guida's mother in 1975's LA LICEALE, aka THE TEASERS.
From: Rodd Dana
The Actor with the 3-D Name
Interview by Michael Barnum
Video WatcHDog No. 143 Sept. 2008

I can find very little information on your film VACANZE SULLA NEVE [1966].
I think this was done after OPERATION WHITE SHARK, and even though it was finished, I'm not sure it was ever released. I never saw it. I think there was some kind of ruckus over the fact that the producer, who was the leading lady's keeper, didn't like the way she was photographed, so he blocked the release. I have no idea what happened with it.
Any recollections of the cast or director?
Filippo "Pippo" Ratti, who also directed OPERATION WHITE SHARK, was an absolute character, one of the greatest jokers I ever met in Italian cinema. Certainly not a great director, but fun to work and pal around with. I remember there was a party of some kind every night after filming. We were all over Italy and Yugoslavia for WHITE SHARK, which was lots of fun; VACANZA SULLA NEVE was filmed where they had just held the winter Olympics above Torino. And again, just one month-long party. I played the romantic lead, and since I was a ski-buff, spent most of my time on the slopes. Can't remember the name of the gal who played the "femme" lead. [Gisella Sofio.-Ed] Cute, chubbly little blonde.
What was the plot?
Plot, schmott! At this point, all I recall is that it was some kind of silly romance concerning a spoiled rich Italian brat, and a Swiss ski-bum, me. Seems to me he dumps her in the end for a gal with more class. Moreover, like I say at this stage, it is certainly a moot point since it never got further than probably the third screening as far as I can tell!

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