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Week of May 23 - 29, 2020

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Bertrand Van Wonterghem pointed out my mistake in asking in what movie did Umberto Raho appear as a guitar playing Mexican. In PECOS CLEANS UP, he plays a fiddle.

Brain Teasers:

By what name is the Lee Van Cleef character referred to in the Italian version of IL BUONO, IL BRUTTO, IL CATTIVO?
George Grimes knew that it was Sentenza.

Who plays Eli Wallach's brother in IL BUONO, IL BRUTTO, IL CATTIVO?
Bertrand Van Wonterghem, Charles Gilbert, Rick Garibaldi and George Grimes knew that it was Luigi Pistilli.

Why is Lee Van Cleef called "The Ugly" in the U.S. trailers for IL BUONO, IL BRUTTO, IL CATTIVO?
George Grimes explains, "This is because the Italian title translated into English is actually THE GOOD THE UGLY THE BAD, not THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY, and the Italian trailer had THE UGLY and THE BAD in that order. When the trailer was transferred to English, THE UGLY and THE BAD were not reversed to coincide with the altered title, causing the incorrect designations."

And now for some new brain teasers:

In which Italian Western does our hero taunt a man wearing an eyepatch by calling him "Hawkeye"?
Can you name an actor who was in both IL BUONO, IL BRUTTO, IL CATTIVO and ERCOLE SFIDA SANSONE?
By what name is Iloosh Khoshabe better known?

Name the movies from which these images came.

Bertrand Van Wonterghem and George Grimes identified last week's photo of Gilbert Roland and George Hilton in VADO... L'AMMAZZO E TORNO, aka GO KILL AND COME BACK, aka ANY GUN CAN PLAY, aka I'LL GO, I'LL KILL THEM, AND I'LL BE BACK.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

Bertrand Van Wonterghem, George Grimes and Charles Gilbert identified last week's photo of Serge Nubret in ARRIVANO I TITANI, aka SONS OF THUNDER, aka MY SON THE HERO.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came? 

Bertrand Van Wonterghem and George Grimes identified last week's photo of Giuliano Gemma and Rosemary Dexter in VIOLENZA AL SOLE, aka BLOW HOT BLOW COLD.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

Ric Meyers and George Grimes identified last week's photo of Jackie Chan in ROB-B-HOOD.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

I am interested in knowing what movies you have watched and what you enjoyed or not. So please send me an email at if you'd like to share. Here's what I watched last week:



Mildly enjoyed:


CONEHEADS (1993) - I wasn't ready to enjoy this flick 27 years ago.

JOHNNY YUMA (1966) - While I still enjoy this movie, it is hard for me to remember why it was among my favorites growing up. Nora Orlandi's music would be one positive. Was it Mark Damon's ability to convincingly shot a pistol in both his right and left hand? Was it the novelty of the finale? Was it the number of high falls done by the stuntmen in the big shootout? Was it the almost bath scene with Rosalba Neri?

Midsomer Murders "The Dagger Club" (2015) - The murders are connected to a missing manuscript.

Midsomer Murders "The Ballad of Midsomer County" (2015) - The murders are connect to a missing album recording.

Eric Idle's The Entire Universe (2017)

The Son season one (2017)

Did not enjoy:

AQUAMAN (2018)

KIDCO (1984) - After being suspended from school for running a Keno game in the basement, Scott Schwartz looks for another way to make money while being his own boss. Eventually, he sees a way to help his dad, Charles Hallahan, remove manure from his stables and to provide fertilizer at a discount by establishing Kidco. Clifton James is upset that his fertilizer business is losing customers and so alerts the tax people that Kidco isn't paying taxes and doesn't have a business license. Schwartz acts as his own lawyer in court and argues that since the feed given to the horses was already taxed, the manure shouldn't be taxed as well. The non-payment of tax charge is dropped, but Schwartz and his three sisters plead guilty to not having a business license. While they lose the money they made in fines, they make a bundle on the sale of t-shirts. Maggie Blye plays the mom and Vincent Schiavelli plays one of the tax men.

LAWLESS RANGE (2014) - Here's a modern day story about two brothers making a living as ranch hands in Texas for Kris Kristofferson and Beau Bridges. The older brother, Austin Nicholas, is a screw-up and owes $6,000 to some bad guys. The younger brother, Patrick John Flueger, tries everything he can think of to get the money for an hour of the film's running time. Eventually the older brother is arrested trying to rob a grocery store, and the younger brother murders the bad guys.

THE MURDER OF NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON (2019) - I wouldn't have believed it possible that a film featuring Mena Suvari, Taryn Manning and Agnes Bruckner would be so unenjoyable, but this production's concept of retelling this true murder story as a slasher horror film is in such bad taste I am amazed that reputable people signed on to make it. I was unaware of the investigation of Glen Edward Rogers as participating in the murder, which this movie seemingly endorses. Nick Stahl played Rogers as either possessed by a demon or suffering from multiple personalities. Director Daniel Farrands also made THE HAUNTING OF SHARON TATE and got Hilary Duff to play Tate.

THE OREGON TRAIL (1959) - So much of this "wagon train heading West" movie was shot inside the studio with a painted cyclorama, that when the production actually moved outdoors it looked like a failure of imagination. Wikipedia reported, "Gene Fowler had made a number of Westerns for Robert L. Lippert. He remembered The Oregon Trail as being 'a son of a bitch - Lippert really screwed that one up. He made a bet with Spyros Skouras that he could make a big outdoor Western without ever leaving the Fox lot and like an idiot I agreed to direct it.'" I don't know from what other movie the outdoor wagon train footage came, but it didn't intercut with the studio bound material very well. The plot of this film was rather interesting. It is 1846 and newspaperman Fred MacMurray is ordered to join a wagon train on the Oregon Trail inorder to investigate if U.S. soldiers are sneaking into the territory in case of war with Britain over the boundary with Canada. MacMurray begins to romantically pursue Nina Shipman, but she soon becomes infatuated with William Bishop (in his last film before dying shortly from cancer at the age of 41). When MacMurray uncovers that Bishop is actually commanding a group of undercover soldiers on the train, he tries to get the story back to his New York newspaper, but ends up in the hands of mountain man John Dierkes, who is helping the local indians planning to attack Fort Laramie. Luckily, MacMurray befriends Dierkes' daughter, Gloria Talbott, who likes that our hero doesn't threaten to beat her all the time as her father does. Arriving at Fort Laramie, Bishop and the wagon train find that all of the soldiers have left because the border question with Britain has been settled, but now war has been declared against Mexico. Before Bishop can take his soldiers out of the Fort, MacMurray and Talbott arrive to announce that the Indians are about to attack. Once again, the spectacular outdoor footage of the Indian attack doesn't intercut easily with the backlot Fort footage, but the staging is interesting, especially when a boy and his father are killed. "It is because of this that I reject my people," Talbott tells MacMurray, ensuring that he is coupled by film's end. This film features the most detailed cinematic explanation on how to load a cap and ball revolver ever, though it has been pointed out that the gun shown, a Colt Dragoon, didn't come out until 1848. John Carradine has a small role as a potential "Johnny Appleseed" bent on planting apple trees in Oregon. He doesn't survive, but MacMurray takes over the mission for the final fadeout. Iron Eyes Cody is credited as the "Indian Advisor".


David Deal enjoyed:

VENETIAN BIRD (52) - Private eye Richard Todd is sent to Venice on a manhunt and becomes embroiled in a political assassination plot that involves looker Eva Bartok.  This fast-moving mystery from Ralph Thomas (Deadlier Than the Male) takes great advantage of Venetian locations and features many Brit character actors you've seen in old Hammer movies.  Walter Rilla, as a Venetian count, is a decade away from his run of Dr. Mabuse films.

THE LOST CITY OF CECIL B DEMILLE (16) - Documentary about the crazy idea one man had of digging up DeMille's Egypt set from the silent The Ten Commandments film buried in the desert outside Guadalupe, CA.  Not so crazy, after all.

DUEL (71)

WYETH (18) - Interesting American Masters documentary on Andrew Wyeth.

MURDER IS MY BUSINESS (46) - Hugh Beaumont is Michael Shayne in the first of a series of five for PRC.  This time he is hired to crack a blackmail racket but his client quickly ends up dead.  Not too bad, and it features Lyle Talbot, Virginia Christine, and the lovely Cheryl Walker as Shayne's secretary.

STATELINE MOTEL (75) - From 2006: "I liked this little noir with a good cast and a fresh milieu. Fabio Testi gets a ride from the big house directly to his next heist after which he gets sidetracked to a little hotel and falls for Ursula Andress (who wouldn't?) but what happened to the stolen jewels?"

Mildly enjoyed:

HOLLYWOOD BABYLON (72) - Softcore porn dressed up as a documentary on bawdy Hollywood in order to rip off Kenneth Anger's book.  Vintage film clips tell the story of decadent Tinseltown's scandals and real folks impersonate the stars to enact them.  Not uninteresting, somewhat repetitive, but hardly recommendable except as an artifact of semi-respectable sex films of the period.  Ushi Digart plays a lesbian-minded Marlene Dietrich.


Did not enjoy:

TOUCH OF DEATH (88) - Brett Halsey is a serial killer with a gambling problem who goes thru various misadventures in this little Fulci gore comedy.  Shot in a flat TV style, it offers little in the way of comedy, horror, or visual appeal.


Charles Gilbert watched:

THE LAWLESS STREET (1955) Another pedestrian oater with Randolph Scott. He's the sheriff of a town just big enough to host a travelling show that features dancer Angela Lansbury.

THE DEADLY MANTIS (1955) B&W. Military officer Craig Stevens tracks a giant flying insect recently released from its cryogenic confines in the frozen Arctic. Scientist William Hopper is consulted.

DOUBLE JEOPARDY (1955) B&W. Film noir with an aging Robert Armstrong playing a cuckhold to cheating wife Gale Robbins who has taken up with dapper used car salesman Jack Kelly. The old lush still produces some cash though, by blackmailing wealthy businessman John Litel, whose daughter Allison Hayes is being romanced by dad's lawyer Rod Cameron. 


Bertrand Van Wonterghem enjoyed:

Sella d’argento  (1978, Lucio Fulci)

Star Trek episode « Court martial » (1966, Marc Daniels)

Uchu kara no messeji: Ginga taisen / San Ku Kai episode Gavanasu, akuma no shiro / Le palais du diable (1978, Minoru Yamada)

DC’s legends of tomorrow episode « Witch hunt » (2018, Kevin Mock) and « Dancing queen » (2018, Kristin Windell)

Mildly enjoyed

The file of the golden goose (1968, Sam Wanamaker)

The gentlemen (2019, Guy Ritchie)

Killer, adios (1967, Primo Zeglio)

Kaijûtô no kessen: Gojira no musuko / La planète des mostres / Son of Godzilla (1967, Jun Fukuda)

Flight to Mars (1951, Lesley Selander)

Did not enjoy

Salut en de kost (1974, Patrick  Lebon)


Mike Eustace writes:

Watched the Bill Shatner as Alexander The Great on my Prime pad last night. It filled 50 minutes whilst I was waiting for the Big TV to become available.
When the battle started, I immediately realized that they'd been stealing shots from a feature film, and soon it became apparent that it was from Giant of Marathon.
Before this I'd only seen it once, maybe on TV in the 70s, and was not impressed. But watching now, it seemed quite good, topped with a good old nostalgic cast: Shatner, Adam West, Joseph Cotten,John Cassavetes, John Doucette. And Ziva Rodann, of course.


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