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Week of October 9 - 15, 2021



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Brain Teasers:

Which Italian actress worked with directors Daniele D'Anza, Peter R. Hunt, Giuliano Montaldo, Allen Baron, J. Lee Thompson and Duccio Tessari?
Alwin knew that it was Marilu Tolo.

Which American actor who appeared in Italian costume action films became a producer for Walt Disney Productions?
Bertrand van Wonterghem knew that it was Jerome Courtland.

Which American actor who made Italian Westerns played the brother on a TV series to the actor who became a producer for Walt Disney Productions?
No one has answered this question yet.

Charles Gilbert asks, "Which film starring Gordon Scott featured narration spoken by Everett Sloane?"
Tom Betts, Angel Rivera, Bertrand van Wonterghem and George Grimes knew that it was Hercules and the Princess of Troy.

Which German actor appeared in a Western made in Spain and another Western made in Croatia in 1964?
Angel Rivera knew that it was Sieghardt Rupp who made PER UN PUNGO DI DOLLARI and UNTER GEIERN in the same year.

Which American actor had played college football for Louisiana State University?
Tom Betts, Angel Rivera, Bertrand van Wonterghem and George Grimes knew that it was Walter "Piggy" Barnes.

And now for some new brain teasers:

Which German actress worked with directors Mario Bava, Antonio Isasi, Luigi Comencini, Jean Girault, Giorgio Bianchi and Lucio Fulci?
Which British actress was born in Austria and worked with directors Giorgio Simonelli, Marcello Baldi, Anatole Litvak and Silvio Amadio?
Which Italian actor worked with Mario Costa, Guido Malatesta, Giorgio Capitani, Romano Ferrara, Fabrizio Taglioni, Paolo Heusch and Vittorio Cottafavi?

Name the movies from which these images came.

Tom Betts, Bertrand van Wonterghem and George Grimes identified last week's photo of Lou Castel in QUIEN SABE?, aka EL CHUNCHO, aka A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

No one identified the above photo yet.
Can you name from what movie it came?

Bertrand van Wonterghem identified last week's photo of Ken Clark and Daniela Bianchi in MISSIONE SPECIALE LADY CHAPLIN, aka OPERATION LADY CHAPLIN.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

No one identified the above photo from ROAR OF THE LION.

I am interested in knowing what movies you have watched and what you enjoyed or not. So please send me an email at if you'd like to share. Here's what I watched last week:




Tommy Jose Stathes' Cartoon Carnival and 100th Anniversary Celebration of Fleischer Animation (2021) A night of cartoons on TCM on 10/02/2021.

What if...? The Watcher Broke His Oath (2021)

Mildly enjoyed:

ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL (2019) - I hate ROLLERBALL so seeing how much that film influenced the Japanese original was disappointing, because I really enjoyed the first part of this movie. The CGI character built on Rosa Salazar's performance was quite winning as was Christoph Waltz as the scientist who brought her back to functionality. The visualization of the 26th century world was fun as were most of the fight scenes, but all of the Motorball stuff seemed even less throught out than ROLLERBALL. Still, if they make a sequel, I'll watch it.

DER OLPRINZ, aka THE OIL PRINCE, aka RAMPAGE AT APACHE WELLS (1965) - For Stewart Granger's second appearance as Old Surehand, producer Horst Wendlandt replaced director Alfred Vohrer with director Harald Philipp but there was no report on whether Granger got along better with the new guy. The screenplay was credited to Philipp and Fred Denger. Denger would also write the next Old Surehand movie for which Vohrer would return to direct. The only new element in this effort was that our white hero would make the last minute rescue, preventing the Utahs from massacring the innocent white settlers. Harald Leipnitz played the villain called "The Oil Prince" who was introduced by setting fire to an oil business that wouldn't sell out to him. (Footage from WINNETOU 2. TEIL was reused.) Leipnitz's main henchman was a mute killer who used a knife played by Slobadan Dimitrijevic, who also appeared in DER SCHATZ IM SILBERSEE. DER OLPRINZ was filled with familiar faces in addition to Granger and Pierre Brice as Winnetou. Behind the name "Paddy Fox" Milan Srdoc returned as Old Wabble, Walter Barnes was the leader of a wagon train and Mario Girotti was a card cheat forced to spy for the villain. Oddly, Gojiko Mitic didn't appear. The female lead this time was Macha Meril, who in 1961 worked with director Sam Peckinpah and Lee Marvin on a episode of Route 66. Naturally Meril got paired off with Girotti, while Barnes took up with Antje Weisgerber, who played a woman whose brother, played by Heinz Erhardt, was writing an opera about the Wild West. Toward the beginning of the movie, Granger faced off with Leipnitz and it was suggested that they duel right then and there to save having to do it later. If only they had done that, then the following 80 or so minutes of frustrating duplicitous plotting could have been avoided. 

WINNETOU 3. TEIL, aka THE DESPERADO TRAIL (1965) - From 1962 until 1968, Pierre Brice played Winnetou in 11 movies. In the midst of this series, there was a Winnetou triology. 1. teil told the story of how Winnetou became the blood brother of Old Shatterhand, who fell in love with Winnetou's sister. Winnetou's father and sister were murdered and so Winnetou became the chief of the Mescalero Apaches and inherited his father's rifle Silberbuchre. 2. teil told the story of how Winnetou and Old Shatterhand negotiated a peace treaty between the white man and the red man which involved Winnetou losing the woman he loved. Now, after two films featuring Winnetou's other white friend Old Surehand, came the conclusion of the Winnetou saga during which the Apache chief found comfort in the sound of Christian church bells ringing and the idea that basically the white man's religion was the same as the red man's. Not only did Lex Barker return as Old Shatterhand - with Henrystutzen in hand, so did Ralf Wolter as Sam Hawkins, writer Harald G. Petersson (sharing credit with J. Joachim Bartsch), and, most importantly, director Harald Reinl who again gave the film a sense of the epic. Rialto producer obviously didn't hold a grudge as he hired Rik Battaglia from the CCC Film OLD SUREHAND to again play the bad guy. Winnetou's tribe was back living in a pueblo, and the buffalo footage from 1. teil was used again. Stock footage of North American bears was also used to illustrate "Bear River". As in 2 teil, oil became the focus of the white man's greed, though there was also a land scam in which the villains were getting the Jicarilla Chief Dusan Antonijevic drunk to prevent him giving away land to white settlers. Our heroes traveled to Santa Fe to get help from Govenor Carl Lange to keep the peace, and never before had the capital of New Mexico been seen in a Western as a brick and marble city with narrow European streets - possibly played by Trogir, Croatia. The real bad guys were in the capital using Battaglia to start a War which would enable them to seize the land of both native tribes and then sell it to the settlers. To discredit our heroes, Battaglia murdered Antonijevic's son, Slobodan Dimitrijevic, with Brice's lost knife, leading to an all-out attack on the Apache pueblo. However, the Mescalero devise a clever defense before retreating. This defense included pitfalls, which was mostly censored out of the version shown on Encore Westerns because of cruelty to horses. Sophie Hardy played a saloon girl that Wolter treated like a daughter and who helped to thwart the bad guys' plans. Cinematographer Ernst W. Kalinke again made the locations look spectacular, and Martin Bottcher's music sold the "romance of the Old West" perspective. An unanswered question with this film was how did our heroes got back their signature rifles after being tied at the stake by the Jicarilla tirbe? By the way, the Jicarilla Apache tribe became prosperous due to the oil found on their land. In 1971, they financed the Kirk Douglas/Johnny Cash Western A GUNFIGHT. I never noticed so many fake cacti and totem poles in the previous films.

His Dark Materials second season (2020) - After comparing season one with THE GOLDEN COMPASS, I can see how too much compression hurts the material. But still 8 hours for season one and 7 hours for season two leaves me screaming "Get On With It!" And now we have about a whole year to wait for season three.

MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL (2019) - Reportedly producer Walter F. Parkes decided to rewrite the accepted script during the production resulting in frequent clashes with director F. Gary Gray. In any case, the finished film seemed desperately in need of a better script. Perhaps the original? I've been a fan of Tessa Thompson since her run on Veronica Mars, so the idea of her co-starring with THOR RAGNAROK co-star Chris Hemsworth seemed a good one. Unfortunately, not in this film. It was always good to see Emma Thompson, but the film was saved by Kumail Nanjiani as Pawny. I wonder if Nanjiani made up his own dialogue as it was sharper than most of what was said around him.

Uncnsrd: "Anthony Hamilton" (2021)

Did not enjoy:

Midsomer Murders "The Flying Club" (2014)

SQUAD CAR (1960) - Paul Bryar reportedly appeared in about 220 films since his career started in 1938, but this is his only starring role. As he bore a slight resemblence to Broderick Crawford, the producers may have felt that audiences would confuse him with the star of Highway Patrol. The script by Scott Fiohr and E.M. Parsons was about on-par with what was on TV, though stretched to 61 mins. After years of being the big blonde on TV, Vici Raaf got this one chance to star in a theatrical, but the project put together by producer/director Ed Leftwich was so cheap that it didn't do anyone any good. Murder alerts the police to a counterfeit money smuggling operation out of Mexico to Arizona via small planes. Pilot Don Marlowe used his dust sprayer to cause the auto accident that kills the bad guys. Lyn Moore was pretty as Marlowe's girlfriend, but must have sounded pretty awful for her entire performance to be revoiced.


Charles Gilbert watched:

SODOM AND GOMORRAH (1962) Lengthy old testament tale pictures the nomadic Hebrews led by father Abraham's nephew Lot taking up residence at the river Jordan. They alliy with the queen of 'Sodom against the marauding Hellites, and eventually become seduced by their wickedness. 

ONLY THE VALIANT (1951) B&W. Cavalry vs. Apaches with Gregory Peck as resolute Captain Lance who selects six soldiers, that despise him, to help him hold off aggressive indians at a strategic desert pass until reinforcements arrive. The reinforcement bring along the newly introduced gatling gun.

Commando Cody tv series (1953) B&W. Chapter 1 'Enemy of the Universe'. Cody hires Ted and Joan (William Shallert and Aline Towne) to help him build a rocket in a barn. (Star Judd Holden died from a self inflicted gunshot).


Bertrand van Wonterghem Highly enjoyed: 

Dernier domicile connu (1969, José Giovanni)


Narcos – season 1 – episodes 1 to 9

Doc Savage : the man of bronze (1975, Michael Anderson)

Mildly enjoyed

Comanche (1956, George Sherman)

A man called Gannon (1968, James Goldstone)

Tony Arzenta e big guns (1973, Duccio Tessari)


Angel Rivera wrote:

The reviews of the Winnetou movies was most interesting and informative. [I once had a thought to do an article on the films and I was going to start by paraphrasing the song the crows sing in "Dumbo":
"Well I done seen everything, when I see the Apache and the cavalry fighting side-by-side", as they do in "The Last of the Renegades."]
(I tried to get my fiancee to watch the Winnetou movies with me, but she kept calling "Winnetou", "Winnie the Pooh".)
>Obviously she wasn't raise in 1960s Germany.
The Spaghetti Western Database has a lot of info on the Winnetou Movies and according to them the Winnetou and Old Surehand movies did not do as well as the Old Shatterhand and Winnetou movies did. 
>That's what Wikipedia also reports.
Also noted is that Mario Girotti is better known as Terence Hill.
>I hate to repeat common knowledge.
In "Frontier Hellcat" there is a scene where Granger smacks Sommer on the butt. You can see it in the recent DVD release as that includes scenes not shown in the original American release.
>Yep. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Granger did that spontaneously.
Also in "Apaches' Last Battle" that is Daliah Lavi doing her own nude swimming. I remember reading that she became tired with acting because she was tired of being asked to appear in the nude. She gave up acting and found fame and success as a singer. 
>When I watch the movie, the woman who dives in the water does not look to have the same body as Lavi.
One last thing Granger and Brice hated each other so much that in the last Winnetou movie they did together, they do not appear in any scenes together.
>I'm about to watch OLD SUREHAND, so I'll see if that's true.
As for movies I enjoyed, I finally saw "Two Mules for Sister Sara"(1970). (I"ll watch any thing with Shirley MacLaine as she was one of the sexiest actresses I watched back in the sixties along with Raquel Welch, and Jane Fonda.)I had missed this one when it was originally released  to theaters and kept missing it when it aired on TV. Since it was available on my on-demand, I was able to finally catch it. The big surprise had already been spoiled for me because I had read that Eastwood offered the directing to Leone who hated the script because he knew she was a prostitute after reading page five in the script.
Still I enjoyed the by play between Eastwood and MacLaine and the music by Ennio Morricone. This one was another feature directed by Don Siegel who also directed my favorite Elvis movie ("Flaming Star" (1960) and my favorite Eastwood movie ,"Coogan's Bluff".
>Siegel also directed the one Fabian movie I can watch - HOUND DOG MAN.


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