Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lee Van Cleef on Gene Autry's "Cowboy Code"

From: The Story of Hollywood "The Western"
A BBC TV Production In Association with Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

Lee Van Cleef: Never kick dogs.
I'll never hurt a child.
I'll never slap a woman.
The three things I won't do on film.
Now you saw me do it in one film, but I didn't do it. I refused to do it. So, the director pulled a stuntman in and had him do it.


  1. Yeah but he sure kicked ass. LVC forever.

  2. So he wasn't the man behind the slapping? A body double performed for him?

  3. Amazingly good actor! And he was right, because when you do something on the screen, it is the same - on a psychological level - as performing the act. Fery few people seem to realize this nowadays.