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Week of March 5 - 11, 2022



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Brain Teasers:

On what three films directed by Sergio Corbucci did Franco Giraldi also work?

Which American actor made one Italian Western and then returned to the U.S. to appear in six different TV "soap operas"?
No one has answered this question yet.

In how many Westerns was Anita Ekberg listed in the credits?
George Grimes had the answer for which I was looking: TWO. Angel Rivera had a more complicated answer: "She is listed in the credits for 4 FOR TEXAS (1963), DEADLY TRACKERS (1972) and VALLEY OF THE DANCING WIDOWS (1975), although according to the Westerns...All'Italiana! website all her scenes in  VALLEY were deleted from this film's final cut." 

And now for some new brain teasers:

Why did producer Emimmo Salvi refuse to hire Luciano Marin after I TARTARI?
By what name is Alicia Bella Paneque better known?
How many times did Giorgio Ardisson work with Gordon Scott?

Name the movies from which these images came.

George Grimes and Bertrand van Wonterghem identified last week's photo of Eli Wallach and Bud Spencer in I QUATTRO DELL'AVE MARIA, aka ACE HIGH.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

No one identified the above photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

George Grimes and Bertrand van Wonterghem identified last week's photo of Barbara Steele in UN ANGELO PER SATANA, aka AN ANGEL FOR SATAN.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

No one identified the above photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

I am interested in knowing what movies you have watched and what you enjoyed or not. So please send me an email at if you'd like to share. Here's what I watched last week:


28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2022)

COLOSSAL (2016) - Spanish writer/director Nacho Vigalondo second English language feature is rather unique. A little girl in South Korea is looking for her lost doll in the night when an electrical storm bursts overhead and a giant monster appears. 25 years later, Anne Hathaway is a drunk writer in New York City who gets thrown out of boyfriend Dan Stevens' apartment for irresponsible behavior. She moves back to her hometown and quickly meets old school friend Jason Sudeikis who offers her a job in his bar. One morning, Hathaway wakes up in a park playground at 8:05 am and stomps around in the sand. Later, she sees a television news program about a giant monster appearing in Seoul, South Korea, making gestures similar to her's. The next morning, she invites Sudeikis and his buddies from the bar to the park and while they tune into a live internet feed from Seoul, she shows them that the monster manifests while she moves in the park sand at 8:05am. When Sudeikis goes to pull her out of the sand, suddenly a Giant Robot appears in Seoul mirroring his movements. Soon, a struggle ensues between Hathaway's monster and Sudeikis' robot, with Sudeikis trying to force Hathaway to bend to his will in their small town with the threat that he will kill people in Seoul if she doesn't submit. This enjoyable dark comedy doesn't hit any of the beats one would expect from a "battle of the sexes" plot.

Mildly enjoyed:

36 QUAI DES ORFEVRES, aka 36th PRECINCT (2004) - I put this film on my Netflix queue because it featured Valeria Golino, so imagine my pleasant surprise at finding Mylene Demongeot as the first female seen in the movie. Unfortunately, the film, co-written and directed by Olivier Marchal, is too melodramatic and complicated to be really satisfying, but it is well produced and sometimes thrilling. There is a gang using military weapons to rob armored cars in Paris. Rival cops Daniel Auteuil and Gerard Depardieu feel that whomever brings in the gang will get to replace the retiring Chief Andre Dussollier. Dussollier favors Auteuil, so Depardieu decides to play dirty. Roschdy Zem gets an overnight pass from prison and calls Auteuil for a meeting. It turns out that Zem uses Auteuil as an alibi when he murders the man who sent him to prison and gets Auteuil to go along because he can finger the armor car robbers. When it comes time to bust the robbers, Depardieu goes against orders and instigates a shootout that gets veteran cop Daniel Duval killed. When Auteuil presses for disciplinary action against Depardieu, Depardieu informs internal affairs about Auteuil's part in the murder committed by Zem. That's only the main plot. There's also the extra-legal action Auteuil takes against some men who raped Demongeot. Meanwhile, Auteuil's wife, Valeria Golino, is contacted by Zem and then shadowed by Depardieu's men. Solene Biasch and Aurore Auteuil make a good impression playing Auteuil's daughter at ages 11 and 17. Reportedly this film was inspired by an actual police action in January 1886, and director Marchal was a former policeman before he became an actor and then a writer and director.

Martha's Vineyard Mysteries "Riddled With Deceit" (2020) - I enjoy watching Sara Lind, even in a mediocre Hallmark Movie Mysteries show.

Martha's Vineyard Mysteries "Ships In the Night" (2021)

Did not enjoy:

Terra Ribelle Il Nuovo Mondo, aka Rebel Lands New World, aka Tierra Indomable (2012) - The version which played on L.A.'s KWHY-TV more or less combined the first and second seasons into one show called Tierra Idomable. In 1901, villan Sabrina Garciarena kidnaps the child born to her sister, Anna Favella, and escapes to Argentina. She seeks protection in the fort commanded by Lando Buzzanca, who is plotting against the government and using local native slave labor to work his mines. Favella and her husband Rodrigo Guirao Diaz go to Argentina, and after about 16 hours of grief, finally get the little girl back. The actor playing Garciarena's husband was replaced by Ivan Gonzalez in the second show. Gonzalez becomes a good guy after living with the natives and dies heroically trying to overthrow Buzzanca and get back the kidnapped girl. Ambrogio Lo Giudice directed this second series.


David Deal Enjoyed:

THE BLACK TORMENT (64) - From 2008 "Cool little gothic chiller from Richard Hartford-Davis (BLACK GUNN).  A doppelganger threatens the landed gentry in this costume drama with lots of supernatural overtones, atmosphere, and a grand sword fight finale."

GUN BELT (53) - From 2017 "Ex-bad guy George Montgomery must undertake a complicated plan to clear himself from a frame up by his current bad guy brother.  A good, exciting but overly-plotted western."

THE LIVING SKELETON (68) - From 2018 "Bloodthirsty pirates who kill a young couple on their honeymoon reap hard justice.  Stylish Japanese horror."


ENTER THE DEVIL (72) - From 2009 "Not too bad little desert satanism flick kind of like Devil's Rain.  Top-billed is Josh Bryant."


THE PROJECTED MAN (67) - From 2018 "Reckless scientist Bryant Haliday tries out his new transporter and ends up a hideous, mad revengin' machine.  Enjoyable British sci-fi in color."


DR. NO (62)

THE HAUNTED PALACE (63) - Might be my favorite of the Corman "Poe" series.

Mildly Enjoyed

THE CREMATOR (69) - In 1930s Prague, a strange crematorium director falls prey to Nazi propaganda spouted from an old friend and falls into delusions that lead him to kill his family. The blackest of humor is carefully crafted to engross the viewer and expose the hipocrisy of the ruling class. An unsettling viewing experience.

THE HOUSE ON STRAW HILL (75) - From 2018 "Looney writer Udo Kier gets his comeuppance when he hires sexy secretary Linda Hayden.  A must for fans of the adventurous Hayden."



Angel Rivera Watched:

Inspired by your review of "Thunderbird 6", I decide to pull out  my box set of my favorite "Supermarionation" show, "STINGRAY!"(1965) These shows where among my favorites as a child and hold a special place  in my memories. Of course I basically remember their theme songs and the characters. Mike Mercury for "Supercar", Steve Zodiac and Venus for "Fireball XL5" and the cast of "STINGRAY!"
Troy Tempest whose features were patterned after actor James Garner. (Funny story when asked whom should the marionette makers pattern Troy's appearance on, Gerry Anderson said, "Make him handsomely heroic like James Garner and the technicians took him at his word.)
Marina who according to some sources was patterned after Brigitte Bardot or Ursula Andress. 
The villains: King Titan patterned on Laurence Olivier and Agent X-2-Zero  patterned on Claude Rains. (Although when voice actor Robert Easton gave the character a voice he based it on Peter Lorre with whom he had just worked in the film "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea." Easton who had played the radio operator on the Seaview, also voiced the character, "Phones" on Stingray.)
I watched three episodes, the pilot titled, "Stingray" which introduces us to the World Aquanaut Security Patrol or WASP. and their battle with Titan, ruler of the undersea kingdom of Titanica. In the pilot Troy and Phones have been captured by Titan, but are helped to escape by Titan's former slave, the mute and beautiful Marina. (The closing theme song, "Aqua Marina" is one of the things I remember most about this show.)
The other two episodes are my favorites:
The first is titled, "Titan Goes Pop" Marineville, where our heroes live is visited by pop singer, Duke Dexter, who performs his latest hit, "I've Got Something to Shout About" ("OoooWee"). (A catchy little tune done in the style of the day (1960s). While almost every one of the characters doesn't get his appeal, Titan believes Dexter is an ally, as the music should destroy the world of the "Terraineans"(meaning us.)
The other is titled, "Standby for Action." In this episode a film about the WASPs and Stingray is being made where every one is being cast as themselves in the movie with the exception of Troy Tempest.  His part is to be portrayed by Hollywood superstar, Johnny Swoonara (the redressed puppet of Steve Zodiac from the Fireball XL5 series.) The whole film turns out to be a scheme by Agent X-2-Zero to get rid of Troy. But when the film is being finished, the ship falls under attack by Titan's aquaphibians while Johnny is at the controls. Under attack, Johnny falls apart, exclaiming that he should not have to deal with this as "it's not in my contract." Troy saves the day and the girls, Atlanta and Marina who were swooning and fainting every time Johnny spoke to them are now fawning on Troy. The ending has Johnny exclaiming, "Say what does he have that I don't have?" To which his manager answers "Courage, Johnny, Courage!"

[One note, "STINGRAY" was one of the first British TV shows filmed in entirely in  color. Of course since I only had a B&W TV back then,the 1960s, I would not be able to enjoy its color photography until years later,]

The other film I watched is a film titled "Wrong Turn" (2021). This is a reboot of a film series that started in 2003 that I had never heard of. I thought it was the film reviewed previously on this site, but that one was "Wrong Way."

In this film, former heart throb, Matthew Modine is trying to locate his missing daughter. It turns out his daughter and some friends were hiking on the Appalachian Trail. They were warned not to get off the trail, but of course they don't listen and while trying to get back to the trail, they make a "wrong turn" to the detriment of all. Suffice it to say the highlight of the film is when one of the guys gets his head smashed in by a club. Enough said.


Bertrand van Wonterghem Highly enjoyed:

The guardians of justice – season 1 – episode 1


Squadra antifurto (1976, Bruno Corbucci)

Strike it rich (1948, Lesley Selander)

Adventures of Superman – episode : the monkey mystery (1951, Thomas Carr)

South of St Louis (1949, Ray Enright)

Mildly enjoyed:

Bulgasal, immortal souls – season 1 – episodes 7 to 9

Seuls two (2008, Eric et Ramzy)

The wonderful country (1959, Robert Parrish)

Gorge profonde : quand le porno est sorti du ghetto (doc) (2021, Agnès Poirier)

Did not enjoy:

The martian chronicles – part one : the expeditions (1979, Michael Anderson)

Flesh wounds (2010, Dan Garcia)


Charles Gilbert watched:

HORROR AT 37000 FEET. (1973) TV movie. Chuck Conners is captain on a 747 flight with very few passengers. In the cargo hold though is a sinister rumbling evoking the cult manifestations of a demon.  For a while the plane is suspended motionless in the sky until someone is sacrificed.  William Shatner, Buddy Ebsen, Roy Thinnes, and   Jane Merrow. One of them is ejected from the flight at 37000 feet for this purpose

DEVIL DOLL (1963) B&W. British horror fare with French actress Yvonne Romain the victim of a ventriloquist's hypnosis. His dummy comes to life to do his evil bidding.

BLACK SPURS (1965) Santee (Rory Calhoun) is in town on business to peddle some prurience. He's been commissioned by an established businessman (Lon Chaney) from a nearby western town, and a local (Bruce Cabot) with interest in the enterprise of girls and gambling. His one time flame (Terry Moore) and her husband  Sheriff (James Best) protest the venality marking their peaceful community, and eventually convert his pernicious ways when she reveals a son of Santee she bore out of wedlock years ago. Linda Darnell  plays the madame controlling the brothel. She died from burns in a house fire the same year this film came out.

GOLDEN SALAMANDER (1950) B&W. British Rank Organization casts Trevor Howard as an archaeologist in Tunis who discovers illegal international activities conducted  by Herbert Lom and gang. Anouk Aimee is his amorous distraction. With Jacque Sernas and Miles Malleson.


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