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Week of January 26 - 31, 2020

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Brain Teasers:

Which Italian actor worked with directors Luchino Visconti, Mario Amendola, Viktor Tourjansky, Duilio Coletti, Fernando Cerchio and Cesare Canevari?
It was Corrado Pani.

Giuseppe Collizzi first met Woody Strode on the location for which film?
No one has answered this question yet.

Which French actor appeared in Italian Sword and Sandal films, Italian Westerns and a TV series starring Terence Hill?
No one has answered this yet.

Which Italian Western star's father was a former Irish member of the U.S. Cavalry who had retired to France?
No one has answered this one yet.

Which Shaw Brothers production reuses footage of the monster in the lake from PERSEO?
No one has answered this one yet.

Which American screenwriter provided Sean Flynn with two projects he made in Italy?
George Grimes knew that it was Casey Robinson.

Which American actor who appeared in Italian Westerns fainted onto John Wayne in a World War II movie?
No one has answered this one yet.

And now for some new brain teasers:

Which American actor, who appeared in an Italian Western, also appeared in a movie starring Harold Lloyd with special effects by John Fulton?
Charles Gilbert asks, "Which Italian director used the name J. W. Fordson?"
Charles Gilbert asks, "Which two Italian actors used the name Peter White?"

Name the movies from which these images came.

George Grimes identified last week's frame grab of Julian Mateos in I CRUDELI, aka THE HELLBENDERS.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

George Grimes identified last week's photo of Gianna Maria Canale in LA RIVOLTA DEI GLADIATORI, aka THE WARRIOR AND THE SLAVE GIRL.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came? 

George Grimes identified last week's frame grab of Daniele Vargas and Lex Barker in LA SCIMITARRA DEL SARACENO, aka THE PIRATE AND THE SLAVE GIRL.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

George Grimes identified last week's photo of Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan in IP MAN 4: THE FINALE.
Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

I am interested in knowing what movies you have watched and what you enjoyed or not. So please send me an email at if you'd like to share. Here's what I watched last week:


Country Music "I Can't Stop Loving You" (2019)

Mildly enjoyed:

2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards (2020)


MAD WEDNESDAY (1947) - This may not be the original cut of THE SIN OF HAROLD DIDDLEBOCK, but it is alot of fun.

Did not enjoy:


The Blues "Warming By the Devil's Fire" (2003)


David Deal enjoyed:

THE MYSTERIOUS INTRUDER (46) - Another entry in the Whistler series, this one has Richard Dix as a shady PI on the trail of a missing girl with a treasure.  William Castle ups the noir ante with some interesting photography and a downbeat ending.

TIME TO KILL (42) - This is the first version of Raymond Chandler's The High Window wherein Philip Marlow (changed here to Michael Shayne (Lloyd Nolan) to fit into that series) chases down a rare coin.  Nolan is much more comfortable in the role than George Montgomery was in The Brasher Doubloon (47).  Snappy fun.

THE MASKS OF DEATH (84) - Sherlock Holmes comes out of retirement to take on two cases that wind up being connected.  Peter Cushing is Holmes and John Mills is Dr. Watson in this pastiche made for British TV.  Fair enough entertainment that features Anne Baxter, Ray Milland, and Anton Diffring.




COBRA WOMAN (44) - Somewhere in the South Pacific, Jon Hall's fiance Maria Montez is kidnapped and taken to Cobra Island where her evil twin sister rules without mercy.  Jon follows to discover that Maria is the true heir to the throne.  Another totally fun Technicolor fantasy with lots of action and spectacle.  Vera West went all out on Montez's gowns.


Mildly Enjoyed

MUTANT WAR (87) - Matt Mitler is again adventurer Harry Trent in Brett Piper's sequel to Battle For the Lost Planet.  This time Mitler battles more stop motion animation monsters in a post-apocalyptic landscape of mattes and miniatures.  Piper's effects technique improved over the previous entry.  Unbelievably, Piper snagged Cameron Mitchell for the role of a gang leader.



Charles Gilbert watched:

THE OLD DARK HOUSE (1963) This version (which I'd never heard of)  starring comedian Tom Poston is a collaboration of William Castle and Hammer Films; painfully silly and monotonous. I couldn't wait for it to end. Janette Scott (THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE) costars.

MAN OF THE EAST (1972) Western humor Italian -style from E. B. Clutcher reunites Terence Hill and Yanti Sommer. A dude arrives in the wild west to be welcomed by his dad's old army buddies, who take him under their wing to instill some machismo. 

BUFFALO BILL, HERO OF THE FAR WEST (1965) Gordon Scott, always interesting, plays the civilian colonel who tries to keep peace with the Sioux.  But renegade Yellow Hand (Mirko Ellis) and store owner Big Sam (Mario Brega) are trafficking Winchesters,  thereby jeopardizing the treaty. Amusing to see all those peplum actors playing cowboys and indians.


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