Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yul Brynner crashes car during production of INDIO BLACK.

by Jhan Robbins

Brynner's next role was a laconic soldier of fortune in a spaghetti Western called ADIOS SABATA (1971). The movie was short on plot but long on violence - a goldplated, sawed-off repeating rifle and a triple-barreled derringer got a great deal of practice. Yul made good use of both of them.
Alberto Grimaldi, the producer, had loaned him a sleek cherry-red convertible to ferry him to and from the set. Initially, Brynner made the trip in half an hour. Each day he managed to reduce his time. He had it down to twenty-one minutes when the car got out of control and crashed into a stone embankment. Fortunately, Yul wasn't hurt. However, the car was reduced to rubble. When he requested that it be replaced with another sports car, he was told that it would be best if he was driven by a chauffeur.
"Yul gave me his version of the accident," Jean Levin said. "According to him it was entirely the automobile's fault - defective breaks. In all the years I knew him, never once did he take the blame for anything. It was always somebody else's fault. Even the breakup of his marriage wasn't due to something he did. He and Doris were having lots of marital problems. I suppose the chief one was his continued interest in other women."


  1. Fato interessante ocorrido durante as filmagens de "Adios Sabata" pois no filme também há uma carroça que é destruída e ele escapa do acidente (estava no script).
    Este foi um dos filmes que eu mais assistí.
    As movimentações rápida de câmera fizeram com que assistisse várias vezes para perceber realmente a ação.
    Isto no cinema era incrível.
    Pedro Sanchez talvez em seu melhor papel.
    Muito Bom.

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