Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DVD Library Check Out

After my wife and I became enamored of British television adaptations of classic literature, I figured that the public libraries would probably carry that sort-of thing and so I checked. Well, to my delight, they carried so much more - at least in the Los Angeles and Burbank areas. Jean-Pierre Melville's LE SAMOURI and Federico Fellini's LA STRADA were not completely unexpected, as foreign art films would seem proper fare at a library, but there were also Italian Westerns - and not just the ones directed by Sergio Leone. The MGM/UA Sabata dvd set was found as well as the IFC/Blue Underground SPAGHETTI WESTERN documentary.


  1. I really enjoy this documentary even though most of the interviews were taken from other DVDs. It's edited well and covers areas other than the Leone films. Maye Wild East will put out a documentary one day.

  2. Very good doc. Picked up a copy on the cheap.