Monday, February 2, 2009

Hard to find Biblical movies

There I was flipping through the cable channels and suddenly I saw Gianni Garko on the screen. What channel was showing a Gianni Garko movie that I hadn't checked already? TBN - The Trinity Broadcasting Network was showing the Italian Biblical epic SAUL AND DAVID. This was the first that I knew that they weren't just televangelists 24 hours a day. So, I've been paying attention to the movies they show - usually on Sunday night, but during the Christmas season they played movies just about every night. And they play the movies without commercial interruption - if you don't count the telephone number at the bottom of the screen alongside the station logo. Last night they played THE STORY OF JACOB AND JOSEPH, which isn't an Italian production, but it was directed by Michael Cacoyannis, the Greek fellow who hired a Mexican/American to play ZORBA THE GREEK.


  1. Bill, a bit off topic, but two weeks ago I happened to turn on Encore's Action Channel and they were showing "The Last Panzer" with Guy Madison and Stan Cooper. I had to watch it as like you how often do they show films like these on American TV.

  2. I recorded THE LAST PANZER off Encore Action before we moved and I had to give up the Encore cable package. They were also showing THE BATTLE OF EL ALAMEIN with George Hilton then.