Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Importance of Being Cuchillo

Tomas Milian: In my view, so many "third world westerns" were huge hits because even though the hero was always American, the third worlder could be in a certain sense the Italian underclass. I'm not saying that Italy is a third world country, not at all, but honestly you must admit there is much underdevelopment. So, as in many other countries where my films did and do well - Spain, Turkey, Arabia, Africa, South America - the people needed superheroes: the bounty killer - Anglo Saxon, hard, inexpressive, made of steel - and that these guys went on the hunt for a poor little guy, with whom the audience identified, because through a sort of love hate relationship, the poor of any country. Monnezza and Nico the Pirate are very closely related to Cuchillo and these Westerns. Monezza is nothing more than a Roman Cuchillo revisited, to use a term I detest, and Nico the Pirate is the Lee Van Cleef of LA RESA DEI CONTI in a modern key. Yes, I really do believe my career has lasted so long because after Cuchillo I managed to split myself into two pesonas: playing - in one series of films, this Monezza, really a thief, a disinherited; and in the other, Nico the Pirate, or essentially, the policeman, the super hero.

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