Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Duccio Tessari on Sergio Leone

Duccio Tessari: The big difference between Sergio and I lies in the fact that he truly believes in "it", and I don't. At the moment he's shooting a Western he believes in the gut-rending passions of his - and this is his greatest strength. Whereas I am always a director with specific cultural roots, European all the way! I inevitably see the Western epoch from a European perspective... Let's add to that the sort of thing one reads about in the histories of the actual events in the West, like the famous shoot out at the OK corral, which turns out to have been fought for a minute and twenty seconds, with a total of ninety eight shots between two gangs standing less than five meters away from each other. And only one person was injured! All this cannot but make me laugh. And so, if I have to tell a story set in that period I don't take it seriously, whereas Sergio takes it and tells it seriously.
Ultimately, he's right, because his results have been truly extraordinary.

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