Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm really enjoying this new ABC show CASTLE.

Nathan Fillion is terrific as a crime novelist who has wormed his way into assisting an homicide detective working cases, and Stana Katic is a wonderful foil for him as the cop. Added fun comes from the writer's quirky family with Susan Sullivan as his mother and Molly C. Quinn as his daughter. Episode 6 is the first one to feature a truely remarkable case, but all of the shows sparkle with wit and a surprisingly realistic portrait of police work.


  1. I tvoed this as a Nathan Fillian fan and finally have gotten around to watching the first two episodes; they strike me as being very true to the mystery genre, and quite enjoyable. I liked seeing the authors playing poker and wish they'd bring in more writers for this kind of cameo. I'll most likely watch one a day until I'm caught up.