Sunday, January 10, 2010

Director Sergio Corbucci on Steve Reeves

Sergio Corbucci: Body-builder, winner of the Mr. Universe contest, Reeves had muscles like cornflour. For one scene, he couldn't even lift Virna Lisi between his arms, and she hardly weighed 50 kilos. For all his efforts he fell to the earth with his feet dragging behind. Gordon Scott, instead, had been one of the last to play Tarzan. An authentic sportsman, serious, healthy and to the contrary of Reeves - who was stupidity personified, very intelligent. On the professional level, these two hated each other and took care of their muscles with the same care that a woman takes of her body; perhaps even more so.


  1. Wow!! What an excerpt! I had heard elsewhere that the two supposedly disliked each other, but it was supposedly Reeves that helped Scott get into these movies. I would be most interested in learning more about the relationship between these two.

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