Friday, January 29, 2010

Dollhouse series finale tonight.

And Fox is showing it an hour earlier than its usual time slot.


  1. And what a finale it was! I think they threw too much at the viewer, so much that it left us breathless. I enjoyed the Mad Max homage, it seemed to fit pretty well. But there's a whole other series about trying to get the world back to where it should be, and is Rossum really kaput? Thought provoking stuff. I liked the series and will probably buy it if I find it on sale.

  2. As I worked Friday night, I finally watched the episode on playback and enjoyed it alot. I would have prefered the three years of episodes that would have told the story in a more complete manner, but I was very happy with where it ended. I don't think the battletruck was very Mad Max-y; it more reminded me of Dead Reckoning, the vehicle in George A. Romero's LAND OF THE DEAD. Or perhaps that vehicle from DAMNATION ALLEY. But the costumes and the reference to out there being a "wasteland" was MAD MAX-like. What I was missing was the scene where they prepped Amy Acker for her appearance in "Epitaph One".