Friday, January 8, 2010

New Dollhouse tonight.

The title of the episode is "Getting Closer" which is appropriate as there will be only two more installments after this one airs.

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  1. And it was a kick ass episode indeed, lots of shocking surprises setting up a grand finale. SPOILER ALERT! What a cute geek/love scene between Topher and Bennett followed by her sudden exit from the series. They're doing some things I'm not sure I like, using old serial type cliffhanger stuff like not showing complete conversations until later (i.e. the first flashback we get of Caroline leaving Bennett behind didn't include her putting B's nametag on her or a comment mitigating her abandoning of B) and an episode ago when Adelle banishes Echo to the Attic and later on we see A explaining she needs her inside to reconnoiter... Kind of lessens the experience, cheapens it, I think. But a great series with great scenes and actors.