Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gordon Mitchell on Emimmo Salvi

From: His Name Is Chuck 4
Interview by William Connolly and Tom Betts on April 1, 1990
Spaghetti Cinema #59, December 1994

WC: Emimmo Salvi died young, didn't he?
Gordon Mitchell: Emimmo committed suicide because he got diabetes. He was just like Dan Vadis; he thought he could do anything he wanted to. He did films for nothing because he was a great organizer. And then his legs started to go, and all that. In fact he called me the day before. He said, "Look, I'm in a hospital. But in the morning we're going to meet with the producer and we're going to make this film, ZEUS." They had already spent six months working on the technical part; really beautiful. Bonati made all the... like E.T. Bonati actually made the masks for the gorilla in KING KONG [The Dino De Laurentiis production.]. He made the masks for E.T. Anyway, Emimmo on the phone was crying; he was so happy we were going to make another film.
The next day, a friend of mine told me that Emimmop killed himself. They couldn't find the gun, though. I just felt so sorry about it. The guy knew more about making a low-budget film...
IL GIGANTI DI METROPOLIS, if you look at the thing. It's got tremendous interior decoration. It's very rich - very rich in atmosphere.

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