Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sergio Corbucci on DUEL OF THE TITANS

From: Cine Zine Zone #50
Interview by Carlo Piazza, May 1989
Translated into French by Pierre Charles and then translated into English by Arcides Gonzales

Sergio Corbucci: Seeing it again, I wonder how I was able to do such a film, in the sense that today it wouldn't be possible to do it again. Not for financial reasons, as people think, but rather for technical reasons.
This film, received bad reviews at the time. Critics said that it resembled a Western; that the actors brandished the sword as if it were a gun.

CP: Yes, but at the time you stated, "I am shooting a Western."

SC: Well, true. Several sequences are really Western in style. The final scene, for example, when the Sabines appear high above like the Indians in a Western, is a Fordian reminiscence. The American Western was too important for our generation. We make them even when we don't want to.
As for ROMULUS AND REMUS, I have to say that I never had so many beautiful people at my disposal for a film: Reeves, Scott, Girotti, Sernas, Virna Lisi and Orenella Vanoni.


  1. I never thought of this movie as a western, per se, but one could easily transpose the conventions of the genre firmly into that of the western. ROMULUS & REMUS is one of my all time favorites. A great film and one of the best sword and sandal movies.

  2. I agree it is one of my favorite sword and sandal films. I also remember the radio spots which advertised Steve 'Hercules' Reeves vs Gordon 'Tarzan' Scott. Great film.