Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sergio Corbucci on the revival of the Western

Sergio Corbucci: They often ask me to do a Western again, partly because at one time I made two films with Terence Hill, who is the third great Italian Western actor after Giuliano Gemma and Franco Nero. I don't think Westerns, be they Italian or American, can ever make a comeback. All the attempts in this direction in America have failed miserably. Every so often I think to myself: "Hmm, a Western, who knows?" But it's an idea that vanishes as quickly as it occurs to me, because I no longer know what I would make, or how I'd make it: dead serious, a spoof, what? For now, the youth - kids - those who've always been the commercial backbone for this type of film - have discovered science fiction, or Westerns with policemen; yes, those films with cops in the streets of New York where the skyscrapers have taken the placed of the Rocky Mountains. Today, if you walk into a toy store in any town in the world, you can no longer find a Cowboy hat or a Western pistol. Kids couldn't care less: they want space monsters. So, who'd go to see a Western anymore? Maybe only a nostalgic old man...

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