Thursday, March 5, 2009

Milian and Volonte FACE TO FACE

Sergio Sollima: Gian Maria Volonte arrived with the reputation of a ball-breaker, but he seemed to me to be an excellent professional, splendid to work with. He does have ideas of his own. He's a thoughtful person who, if he has things to propose, says them. And very often they are good ideas that serve the character. He always does this in a way that's not disturbing. He liked the character, he agreed with his political ideas; he did it for that as well. There was no problem at all with me; the problems were between the two stars, Gian Maria and Tomas. Tomas was convinced that Gian Maria wasn't supportive, not true at all according to me, and as one sulk provoked another, they eventually came to blows. Problems of character, of vanity were involved. It's well known that actresses too can be vain, but it's something more openly declared, accepted. You don't expect vanity from a man. And male stars seek to hide it, but then it leaks out: he starts thinking the makeup person isn't spending as much time with him as with the other guy, things of this sort. The men are even worse this way than the women.

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