Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tonino delli Colli on Sergio Leone for Nighteagle

Tonino delli Colli: I have worked in so many films that I do not remember many anecdotes. Maybe a few funny ones. We shot the part where Blondie is hospitalized after his "suntanning" in the desert, in a monastery a few kilometers from the GBU bridge location. The monks were seriously concerned that the upcoming explosion would create some damage to the ancient building.
Another one, which I know from Leone himself, as I was not present, is when Rod Steiger worked in DUCK YOU SUCKER. He was a crazy guy, unpredictable... He was so obsessed by the legendary close-ups that Leone used to take, the faces , the eyes... he loved that... that he showed up several times in underwear, no pants, just underwear, to make sure that the cameraman would indeed shoot a close-up. What a guy! Concerning close-ups alla Leone: the longest close-ups work we did was during THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY duel , or trial, as we say here in Italy. The face/eyes close-ups of Tuco, Biondo and Sentenza required, believe it or not, one full day of work.
Working with Leone was also physically demanding. Sometimes we worked until 9 o´clock at night, with the setting sun, he liked long shadows. We were shattered, tired, exhausted, but I must say, the American actors were outstanding; not a complaint, no arguing, just perfect professionals, in contrast to the distribution guys.

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